This site contains a collection of soundtracks and scores whose tracks are organized chronologically.  My hope is that readers will contribute their own lists or corrections in the comments section of this post.

Please do not ask where to find varying releases posted here as I will not respond to those requests.


Machionic said...

Hey there, here a few rearranged scores:

In the heart of the Sea (2015):

Arriving Nickerson's Lair
Meeting Old Nickerson
Chase Walking Nantucket
Young Nickerson
Essex Leaving Harbor
The Knockdown
A Thousand Leagues Out
Lower Away
The Attack
Abandon Ship
Lost at Sea
The Second Attack
Desert Island
Finding the Dead
Stand Off
The Story Is Told
The White Whale Chant
End Credits (alternate version)

Goosebumps (2015):

Ferris Wheel
To the Rescue
Something's Wrong
Break In
The Books
Ice Rink
Lawn Gnomes
Slappy's Revenge
Floating Poodle
Mantis Chase
Ghost Hannah
They're Here
Bus Escape
On the Run
Fun House
Hannah's Back
The Twist

Chrono Score Guy said...

Hey there and thanks for those. I've formatted them and scheduled them to post later in the month.

Elbrody 99 said...


Here is the film order for Thunderheart (1992) by James Horner:



Machionic said...

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015)

Out of the Garage
The Switch
His Name Is Napoleon Solo
Escape from East Berlin
Mission: Rome
The Red Mist
The Vinciguerra Affair
Bugs, Beats and Bowties
Signori Toileto Italiano
Breaking In (Searching the Factory)
Breaking Out (The Cowboy Escapes)
Into the Lair (Betrayal, Pt. I)
Laced Drinks (Betrayal, Pt. II)
Circular Story
The Drums of War
Take You Down
We Have Location
A Last Drink
The Unfinished Kiss

Chrono Score Guy said...

Thanks for the contributions. Both of these are scheduled to post. It may be a bit, but they are scheduled.

Machionic said...

Stephen Endelman - Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009)

Opening Credits
The Break In
Bison's Entrance
Mom Dies
Bison's Meeting
Mother's Funeral
Story of the Web
Leaving Home
Arriving in Bangkok
The Montage
Impress Me
Bison Takes Over
Following Balrog
Chun-Li Training
Bathroom Fight
Gen Attacked
Running to Vega
Vega Fight
Chun-Li Captured
Reunited with Father
The Escape
Gen Is Reborn
Balrog Fight
The White Rose
Chun-Li vs. Bison
Going Home

Ed Chang said...

I just stumbled onto your site just as I was working on my own analysis for Elfman's Alice in Wonderland! I KNEW there had to be a site like this somewhere - great job, it'll be a handy reference. My own blog ( does something similar, but giving out descriptions of scenes with the cues. I just started a couple months ago, but it's been lots of fun trying to take these things apart and figuring out what was used or unused. Anyways, keep up the good work, I've got this bookmarked, and will soon be adding a link list to my blog which will definitely include this blog.
Ed Chang

Machionic said...

Paul Leonard-Morgan - Limitless (2011)

Trading Up
Eddie Knows What to Do
I Still Love You
Coming Up
Lindy and Eddie Reunite
Walk Home
Down the Hatch
Escaping Tancoat
Hiring Eddie
Van Loon
Hiring Bodyguards
Lindy Chase
Lindy Leaves Eddie
Trashed Hotel
Phone Tap
Apartment Carnage
Eddie Is Sick
You Want More?
Eddie's Back
Gennady Drop In
Happy Pills

Elbrody 99 said...


Here is the film order for WOLF TOTEM by James Horner:

S1 Leaving for the Country
S2 Wolves Stalking Gazelles (3:13-end, rename Chen Meets the Wolf Pack)
S2 Wolves Stalking Gazelles (0:00-3:13)
S5 A Red Ribbon
S7 Discovering Hidden Dangers (0:00-0:34)
S3 An Offering/Chen Saves the Last Wolf Pup
S4 Wolves Attack the Horses
S6 The Frozen Lake
S7 Discovering Hidden Dangers (0:34-end)
S8 Little Wolf
S9 Scaling the Walls
S10 Suicide Pact
S11 Hunting the Wolves
S12 Death of A'Ba
S13 Return to the Wild

Elbrody 99.

Elbrody 99 said...


Here is the film order for BEOWULF by Alan Sivestri:

S1 Main Title
S2 First Grendel Attack
S4 What We Need is a Hero
S5 I'm Here to Kill Your Monster
S6 I Did Not Win the Race
S3 Gently as She Goes -Robin Wright-Penn
S7 A Hero Comes Home -Robin Wright-Penn
S8 Second Grendel Attack
S9 I am Beowulf
S10 The Seduction
S11 King Beowulf
S12 He Has a Story to Tell
S13 Full of Fine Promises
S14 Beowulf Slays the Beast
S15 He Was the Best of Us
S16 The Final Seduction
S17 A Hero Comes Home -Idena Menzel

Elbrody 99.

Antony Belin said...

Hi, Here is the most complete Soundtrack for "A Bridge Too Far", by John ADDISON based upon Kritzerland limited edition (1000 copies = KR 20017-1)

T1 Overture (3'38)
T4b Underground Resistance (Part 2) (could be renamed as "German Retreat") (1'23)
T4a Underground Resistance (Part 1) (1'35) (album version)
T3a Before the Holocaust (Part 1) (1'23)
T5 Air Lift (2'40)
T3b Before the Holocaust (Part 2) (could be renamed as "After the Holocaust") (1'07)
T9a March of the Paratroopers (Part 1) (1'22)
T9b March of the Paratroopers (Part 2) (could be renamed as "Son Bridge") (1'12)
T7b Arnhem (Part 2) (could be renamed as "Eindhoven") (0'47)
T7a Arnhem (Part 1) (1'11)
T12a Futile Mission (Part 1) (could be renamed as "Futile Mission at Arnhem Bridge") (1'35)
T6 Hospital Tent (longer album version) (1'57)
T10 Bailey Bridge (2'52)
T13b The Waal River (Part 2) (could be renamed as "Grave Bridge") (0'53)
T12b Futile Mission (Part 2) (1'28)
T11 Human Roadblock (1'38)
T13a The Waal River (Part 1) (1'07)
T8 Nijmegen Bridge (1'40)
T14 Arnhem Destroyed (longer album version) (2'28)
T15 Retreat (2'05)
T16 A Bridge Too Far March (shorter album version) (1'50)

Unused tracks :
T2 : A Dutch Rhapsody (2'12)

Antony BELIN

Daniel Pulliam said...

Can someone please put Vol. 1 and Vol 2 of Stranger Things in chronological order? That would be amazing!

Jim L. said...

I'm not sure if this is the place to post a request or not - but if there's any way you could do the Twister film score, that would be fantastic! Or the film score/soundtrack combination, that would be even better! I've looked in a lot of places online and can't find a correct order for my favorite film.

Machionic said...

Dracula Untold by Ramin Djawadi:

Sultan Mehmed
The Handover
Broken Tooth
Lord Impaler
Vlad vs. 1000
Three Days
Janissary Attack
Son of the Devil
Hand o' Bats, Pt. 1
Hand o' Bats, Pt. 2
This Life and the Next
Son of the Dragon
The Brood
The Silver Tent
I Will Come Again
Dracula Untold - end titles pt 1
Eternal Love - end titles part 3

Machionic said...

Warcraft by Ramin Djawadi:

The Horde
Forest Ambush
Strong Bones
Victory and Defeat
My Gift to You
Half Orc, Half Human
The Book
Whatever Happens
Two Worlds Colliding
The Incantation
Llane's Solution
For Azeroth

Theme arrangements:
The Beginning

Lonzoe Jr. said...

Could someone post the chronological film order of John Carpenter's The Fog (2-CD Silva Screen Expanded Edition) and Halloween III: Season Of The Witch (Buysoundtrax Expanded Soundtrack)if they know it? Please.

musicaldigger said...

i love your blog! i'm looking forward to Moana's list, I want to hear the score and songs in the right order (i still don't know why Disney won't release their soundtracks in the correct order)

Elbrody 99 said...


Here is the film order for SOUTHPAW (2015) by James Horner:

S1 The Preparations
S2 A More Normal Life
S3 A Fatal Tragedy
S4 The Funeral
S5 Suicidal Rampage
S6 Empty Showers
S8 A Cry For Help
S9 House Auction
S10 A Long Road Back
S11 Training
S7 Dream Crusher
S12 How Much They Miss Her
S13 Hope VS Escobar
S14 A Quiet Moment

Elbrody 99.

Chrono Score Guy said...

Thanks Elbrody and Machionic. If they haven't already, I have scheduled these to post.

Anonymous said...

Could someone post the order of Fantastic Mr. Fox including the extended score?

David J-P said...

Hello - has anyone yet tackled the deluxe edition of the 2017 Beauty and the Beast soundtrack?

Chrono Score Guy said...

I have yet to see Moana but when I do, I will post it. I have seen the order for Fantastic Mr. Fox elsewhere but I don't recall. If I find it, I'll post it. As for Beauty and the Beast, it will likely take some time before that one will be posted.

HouseOfWAJ said...

Dear Chrono Score Guy, is there an email I can use to contact you for the chronological Beauty and the Beast 2017 score?

Chrono Score Guy said...

Feel free to submit any album order in the comments of this post. There are several examples above. If you need to reach me directly, you can post a comment with an email address to reach you at. Since comments are moderated, I won't post the address but will be able to reach you.

Anonymous said...

You should do Guardians of the Galaxy!

Machionic said...

The Mummy 2017

Theme suites:

01. The Mummy
05. Egypt's Next Great Queen
02. The Secret of the Mummy
03. Nick's Theme
04. Prodigium
08. A Sense of Adventure
07. The Call of the Ancients

Film score:

30. Iniquity
28. Dawn of Evil
29. Sepulcher (Unused. Best place for it is here, imho)
09. Haram (2:52-end, rest is another theme suite)
27. Liberators of Precious Antiquities
14. Enchantments
11. The Lost Tomb of Ahmanet
17. She Is Risen
22. Power and Temptation
13. The Sand of Wrath
23. Inquest
24. Forward Momentum (Alt version of 'Concourse of the Undead'. Best to put it here for the plane scene)
21. Beyond Evil
25. Set
31. The Calling
15. Concourse of the Undead
16. World of Monsters
26. Pathogen of Evil
10. A Warning of Monsters
12. Providence
19. Sanction of the Gods
18. Chaos, Mayhem, Destruction
06. Sandstorm
20. Unstoppable
32. Possession of the Knight's Tomb
33. Destiny
34. Sentience
35. Between Life and Death
36. The Mummy End Title Suite

Zenkutsu said...

Hi there, does anyone know the chronological Order of Billy Goldenbergs "Around the World in 80 Days". Thank You

Machionic said...

Brian Tyler and Robert Lydecker - xXx: The Return of Xander Cage

xXx: The Return of Xander Cage (alternate version)
Pandora's Box
Besting the Best of the Best
A New Ride
Xander Cage... Live and In Concert
Twenty Two and a Half
Evolution (0:00-2:14)
Not So Special Forces (alternate version)
Wave Riders
Evolution (2:14-End)
Carte Blanche
Tattoos and Triangulation (partly unused)
Battle of the X's
Read Between the Lines
The Last Great Adventure
xXx Incorporated
Xero Gravity
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Grenade Launcher
I Live for This S#!%
Windfall (unused - a song instead)
Brotherhood (unused - a song instead)

Machionic said...

Frederik Wiedmann - Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Volume 1

01. Green Lantern Main Theme

E01-02 "Beware My Power"
15. Rescue Mission
05. Atrocitus
02. On a Planet Far Away
07. Hal vs Atrocitus
19. A New World

E03 "Razer's Edge"
13. Love Remembered
06. The Red Knight

E04 "Into the Abyss"
10. Into the Abyss
12. Razer Saves Kilowog
08. Aya's Birth

E05 "Heir Apparent"
04. Royal Devotion

E06 "Lost Planet"
09. Saint Walker
18. I am Mogo

E08 "Fear Itself"
11. Resolution

E09 "...In Love and War"
30. A Lost Love
29. Star Sapphires
22. Carol Sparks

E10 "Regime Change"
17. Red Empire
20. The Inconvenient Truth
26. Dead Man Walking
03. Battle of Betrassus
36. Victory

E11 "Flight Club"
31. Failure to Death
14. Bumpy's Lazy Eye
28. Byth Rok

E12 "Invasion"
33. Red Supremacy
24. Aya's Mission
23. Maelstrom Collapse
16. Saint Walker's Destiny
34. The Blue Lantern

E13 "Homecoming"
27. The Invasion Begins
21. Hal's Lantern
32. Kilowog Supercharged
25. Blue Power
35. The Destiny of Atrocitus

Volume 2

E14 "The New Guy"
15. Scissors Beats Rock
05. Hal's Promotion

E15 "Reboot"
10. Dark Revelation
33. Relentless Machines
04. Breaking In
11. Hal vs. the Anti-Monitor

E16 "Steam Lantern"
12. Steam Mechs
13. Through Universes

E17 "Blue Hope"
14. Reunion
01. Igniting Ceremony

E19 "Loss"
24. Volkreg
02. New Life
09. The Ultimate Sacrifice

E20 "Cold Fury"
31. Red Rescue
29. Aya Returns
30. The Last Stand Above Ysmault
25. Aya Faces the Anti-Monitor
19. Transformed

E21 "Babel"
18. Chased by Goblins
08. Goblin Bribe

E22 "Love is a Battlefield"
23. Gia'ta's Sacrifice
34. Love Prevails
26. Carol Keeps the Ring

E23 "Larfleez"
17. The Legend of the Orange Lanterns

E24 "Scarred"
27. Secret Sanctum
21. Vogra Beasts
06. The Origin of Aya

E25 "Ranx"
35. Final Orders
07. Breaking Through
16. Aya

E26 "Dark Matter"
36. The Last Stand
03. The Final Battle
32. Dawn of Time
28. Big Guns
20. Wakeup Call
22. Razer's Mission
37. Renewed Hope

D A R T H said...

01. Amazons Of Themyscira pt1 (0-3:43)
02. History Lesson
03. Amazons Of Themyscira pt2 (3:43-6:47)
04. Angel On The Wing
05. Loss (pain, loss & Love pt2) (1:30-3:50)
06. Ludendorff Pt2 (Ludendorff, Enough ! pt2) (2:20-5:55)
07. Ludendorff Pt1 (Ludendorff, Enough ! pt1) (0-2:20)
source music : Ella Retford ''Molly O' Morgan''
source music : Jack Judge & Henry Williams '' It’s A Long Way To Tipperary''
08. Enough ! (Ludendorff, Enough ! pt3)(5:55-end)
09. No Man's Land
source music : Lucienne Delyle ''Sous les ponts de Paris''
10. Love (pain, loss & Love pt3) (3:50-end)
source music : Berlin String Quartet ''Schatzwalzer, Op. 4''
11. Fausta
12. Pain (pain, loss & Love pt1) (0-1:30)
13. Wonder Woman's Wrath
14. We Are All To Blame
15. The God Of War
16. Hell Hath No Fury
17. Lightning Strikes
18. Trafalgar Celebration
19. Action - Reaction (End credit part 1)(0-4:00)
20. Sia ''To Be Human'' (End Credits part 2)
21. Hell Hath No Fury (End Credits part 3) (???? - ????)
22. Amazons Of Themyscira (alternate) (End Credits part 3) (???? - ????)

Cues 21 & 22 are mixed together, i don tknow the exact mixing /cut/paste information

Machionic said...

Brian Tyler - The Disappointments Room (2016)

The Grounds
Getting Adjusted Bliss
Enter the Room
A Dark Discovery
July 5th
The Kite (not the film version)
So Long
New Horizons
The Truth Revealed
The Disappointments Room

Transparency (unused)
He Doesn't Want You Here (alternate version for "Enter the Room", but best option is to place it between "The Grounds" and "Getting Adjusted Bliss" as a cue a with a similar vibe plays)
Building and Bonding (alternate take for "Beauty")

Machionic said...

Brian Tyler - Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

The Catalyst (0:00-2:05)
Unconfession (0:00-0:43)
The Catalyst (2:05-end)
A Fresh Start (1:05-1:44)
The Execution
Guardian Angel
Unconfession (2:20-4:25)
Unconfession (4:25-end)
Unconfession (0:43-2:20)
Solitary (1:08-1:51)
They Can't Feel Anything (2:03-end)
Solitary (0:00-1:08)
They Can't Feel Anything (0:00-1:20)
Ultimatum (0:00-00:59)
A Fresh Start (0:00-1:05)
Shadow of a Doubt
Ultimatum (0:59-end)
A Fresh Start (1:44-end)
They Can't Feel Anything (1:20-02:03)
Breaking and Entering
Mechanical Mind
Law Abiding Citizen

Unused: Solitary (01:51-end)

My arrangement as a comprise between chronological order and a better listening experience without editing (for the mixed tracks the title / corresponding scene used as a pin point).

12. The Execution
08. The Catalyst
17. Guardian Angel
02. Predestined
16. Unconfession
06. Rationalization
11. Solitary
13. They Can't Feel Anything
04. Origins
14. Ultimatum
10. A Fresh Start
15. Stalked
07. Shadow of a Doubt
01. Designs
09. Breaking and Entering
05. Methodology
03. Mechanical Mind
18. Law Abiding Citizen

D A R T H said...

Wonder Woman track 22 (Correction)

No Man's Land (00 - 3:07) + We Are All To Blame (???? - ????) + Lightning Strikes (???? - ????)

Chrono Score Guy said...

Machionic, everything you have submitted is scheduled to post in a few months. I have things scheduled out pretty far.

DARTH, I have also scheduled yours to post without the breakdown of the end credits. Once it is figured out, post another comment and I'll add it in.

Thank you both for your submissions.

Anonymous said...


Here is the film order for THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (2016) by James Horner & Simon Franglen:

A1 Rose Creek Opression
A6 Devil In The Church
A5 Street Slaughter
A7 Chisolm Enrolled
A8 Magic Trick
A4 Volcano Springs (0-2:13)
A3 Lighting The Fuse
A4 Volcano Springs (2:13-end)
A9 Robicheaux Reunion
A10 A Bear In People's Clothes
A11 Red Harvest
A2 Seven Angels Of Vengeance
A14 7 Days, That's All You Got
A13 Town Exodus /Knife Training
A15 So Far, So Good
A16 Sheriff Demoted
A17 Pacing The Town
A19 Bell Hangers
A18 The Deserter
A20 Army Invades Town
A21 Faraday's Ride
A22 Home Sacrifice
A23 The Darkest Hour
A12 Takedown
A24 House Of Judgment
A25 Seven Riders

A = original soundtrack release

Note: A3 (Lighting The Fuse) appears in the film again after A11 (Red Harvest), and after A20 (Army Invades Town).

Elbrody 99.

Chrono Score Guy said...

Thanks Elbrody, I've scheduled it to post.

Anonymous said...


Here is the film order for CREED (2015) by Ludwig Goransson:

A1 Juvy
A2 Adonis
A3 Meeting Rocky (0-3:15)
A4 Conlan (Redemption)
A5 Grip (Interlude)
A3 Meeting Rocky (3:15-end)
A6 First Date
A7 Moving In With Rocky
A9 Front Street Gym
A10 The Sporino Fight
A11 Shed You (Interlude)
A12 I Got You
A13 Rocky Is Sick
A14 Caught In The Shadow
A15 If I Fight, You Fight (Training Montage)
A16 Boxing Shorts
A17 Conlan Fight
A18 You're A Creed
A19 You Can See The Whole Town From Here
A20 End Credits - Creed
A21 Creed Suite
A8 Breathe (Interlude) (unused)

Elbrody 99

A=original soundtrack release

Machionic said...

Robert Folk - Toy Soldiers (1991)

Escape from Barranquilla
Regis School
The Cellar
Border Killing (2:38-end) [title scene is here]
Mouthwash Incident
Regis Captured
Regis Surrounded
Uneasy Quiet
The Plan
Billy Escapes
Border Killing (0-2:38)
Back to Regis
Closing In (1:15-end) [title scene is here]
Joey's Death
The Wrath of Joey's Father
Snap Out of It
Removing the Chips
Narrow Escape
Closing In (0-1:15)
Jack Gets It
The End of Cali
All's Well
Toy Soldiers (credits suite, alt. arrangements for All's Well & Regis School)

Anonymous said...

Hello, does anyone know the chronological order of Danny Elfman's Justice League soundtrack?

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