War of the Buttons (The) (La Nouvelle Guerre des Boutons)

The War of the Buttons
S1 - Générique début (2:17) [Rename to "Main Title"]
S2 - Arrivée au village (2:11) [Rename to "Arrival at the Village"]
S3 - À travers champs (:40) [Rename to "Countryside"]
S4 - En territoire ennemi (1:53) [Rename to "In Enemy Territory"]
S5 - L'attaque du ponton (2:13) [Rename to "Pontoon Attack"]
S7 - Les Longeverne contre-attaquent / Le premier bouton (4:25) [Rename to "The Longeverne Counterattack / The First Button"]
S8 - La sortie au musée (1:07) [Rename to "Leaving the Museum"]
S9 - L'arrestation (2:50) [Rename to "The Arrest"]
S12 - Bataille des guerriers grecs (2:07) [Rename to "Battle of the Greek Warriors"]
S6 - Paul et Simone (1:23) [Rename to "Paul and Simone"]
S10 - Les Gibus prisonniers (3:01) [Rename to "Gibus Brothers Taken Prisoner"]
S11 - La capture de Lebrac (1:36) [Rename to "The Capture of Lebrac"]
S13 - À la mode de Paris (2:46) [Rename to "In the Style of Paris"]
S14 - Pythagore et la Résistance (1:35) [Rename to "Pythagoras and the Resistance"]
S15 - Le journal de Violette (4:21) [Rename to "Violette's Journal"]
S16 - Lebrac et Violette (2:20) [Rename to "Lebrac and Violette"]
S17 - Le duel (4:03) [Rename to "The Duel"]
S18 - La lettre et le feu (3:41) [Rename to "Letter and Fire"]
S19 - La solitude de Lebrac / La milice aux trousses (3:27) [Rename to "Lebrac's Solitude / Differences Aside"]
S20 - Final (4:23) [Rename to "Finale"]

Bonus Track:
S21 - Ouverture (4:26)

S = Music Box Release (2012)

Note: After watching the film, and using an online translator, there are (mostly) direct translations of the french track titles.  Many of the cues are not film versions but album versions (among others, including S11, S15 and S20)

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