Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
S1/P1 - He's Here For Us (3:20)
S2/P2 - A Long Ride Ahead (3:56)
S3/P3 - Wobani Imperial Labor Camp (:55)
S4 - Trust Goes Both Ways (2:45)
S5 - When Has Become Now (1:59)
S6/P4 - Jedha Arrival (2:48)
P5 - Hearts of Kyber (:58)
P6 - Jedha City Ambush (1:11)
P7 - Today of All Days (3:35)
S8/P8 - Star-Dust (3:47)
P9 - An Imperial Test of Power (2:50)
P10 - Approach to Eadu (1:20)
P11 - No Trust Among Rebels (2:02)
P12 - Jyn’s Path is Clear (2:32)
S9/P13 - Confrontation On Eadu (8:06)
S10 - Krennic's Aspirations (4:16)
S11/P14 - Rebellions Are Built On Hope (2:56)
S12/P15-16 - Rogue One (2:05)
S13/P17 - Cargo Shuttle SW-0608 (4:00)
P18 - Good Luck Little Sister (2:49)
P19 - Are We Blind? (1:34)
S14/P20 - Scrambling The Rebel Fleet (1:33)
S15/P21-22 - AT-ACT Assault (2:55)
P23 - Project Stardust (3:46)
P24 - Entering the Imperial Archives (1:25)
P25 - Get That Beach Under Control (1:14)
P26 - The Master Switch (4:03)
P27 - We Have to Press the Attack (2:40)
S17/P28 - Your Father Would Be Proud (4:52)
S18 - Hope (1:38)
D - Star Wars Theme (1:03)
P29 - End Credits (5:29)

Bonus Tracks:
S7 - Jedha City Ambush (Original Version) (2:19)
S16 - The Master Switch (Original Version) (4:03)
S19 - Jyn Erso and Hope Suite (5:52)
S20 - The Imperial Suite (2:30)
S21 - Guardians of the Whills Suite (2:53)

D = DVD/Bluray
P = For Your Consideration Promo
S = Score

Note: The track info from Disney's For Your Consideration Promo came from their site which is now defunct.  P29 also consists of edited versions of tracks S19-S21.


Anonymous said...

Some of these are incorrect. I previously made a comparison between the For Your Consideration Promo and the Official Release.

"P6 - Jedha City Ambush" is the Film Version of the cue, featuring an insert in the opening and a shortcut as in the film, thus "S7 - Jedha City Ambush" should be the Original Version of the cue and should be listed in the Bonus Tracks.

"P14 - Rebellions Are Built On Hope" has louder sections compared to "S11 - Rebellions Are Built On Hope". I can't tell if there's some insert of some kind, but it appears there's something different.

"P26 - The Master Switch" is the Film Version of the cue, it features a shortcut and a shorter violin insert, while "S16 - The Master Switch" features the full lenth of the track and the full-lenth violin insert. So I would say that S16 belongs to the Bonus Tracks as well.

"P29 - Rogue One End Credits" is the Film Version of the credits after Williams' theme. It is true that it's an edit of S19, S20 and S21, but I'd list the suited in the Bonus Tracks and P29 at the bottom of the chronological tracklist.

Also, the FYC Promo cut the citations of Williams' themes from S12, S14 and S15 and had to split the cues in P15-16, P20 and P21-22 adding drums inserts to those rough cuts.

Unknown said...

I cannot find a 6 minute "Approach To Eadu" ANYWHERE. is this a typo?

Chrono Score Guy said...

Yes, it was a typo. I corrected it.

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